Why we Rank and Evaluate and how we do it!

Rankings and Evaluations explained

Through speaking with college coaches and understanding what they truly want from rankings and evaluations we are going to rank and evaluate Kickers and Punters the RIGHT way to be transparent with college coaches, our kickers and punters, and their families!


Rankings and evaluations explained

Star Ranking System (We will only number rank the "TOP 50" in each class!!)

We only evaluate campers that we have personally seen at a GWK camp. In order to be ranked you must attend a GWK Extreme Exposure Ranking Event or Purchase a 6 month Unlimited training package to be evaluated over that 6 month term.

When ranking athletes we rank upon the premise of, "If there was a college game today, is this athlete ready to help a college team win?". We look at the camp charts and take into account the different conditions at each camp. We look at form and drill work as well as how the athlete handles pressure situations, carries their self and how they compete on more than one occasion. We see certain athletes multiple times a year and try to grade them on their average performance.

1. We will only Rank Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores (sophomores after their sophomore season concludes)

- Why are we doing this? Because college coaches want evaluations of kickers they are looking to recruit NOW! 

99% kickers and punters DO NOT receive offers until their Junior year

2.We will rank the TOP 50 Kickers/Punters in the Nation in number order only!

 We will Rank and evaluate on a star rating system, only the 4.5 and 5 star kickers and punters will receive a number ranking for their class (1 star, 2 star, 3 star, 4 star, 4.5 star, and 5 stars)

If you are not a "Top 50" Kicker or punter you will be listed and evaluated on the website however will only be ranked in number order once you crack the "Top 50" in your class!

- Why are we doing this? Because College coaches want a True and Honest evaluation! Ranking a student athlete  from 51-300 will not truly help YOU in recruiting! They want a true and honest evaluation of your ability right now and to have an accurate assessment of how you can perform! 

3. Ranking Breakdown-

1 Star- Kicker/Punter has good ability with continued work at their craft can increase their ability and skill level!

2 Stars- Kicker/Punter has good ability and has shown potential to be a good high school kicker with potential to play college level football

3 Stars- Kicker/Punter has the ability to play college football and has shown this through their performance (Division 3 level prospect)

4 Stars- Kicker/Punter is a college level player! 

They are ready to play at the next level (NAIA, Division 3, Division 2 level player)

4.5 Stars- Kicker/Punter is Division 1AA/ Division 1 prospect and are READY right NOW! 

They have the ability to compete at that level and make an impact!

5 Stars-  Kicker/Punter is Division 1 Scholarship READY RIGHT NOW! 

Some years there are only 10 TRUE 5 Star guys... not 50+ These players are Scholarship READY to help a college team WIN now!

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